How to control bird population

The demand aspiration to reduce the disease, nuisance and problems because of birds isn’t a fun topic to discuss, but it is necessary. There are some options that a bird controlcompany can use to control bird population which are listed below

Physical prohibition: This method consists of spike strips, bird netting or wires to stop birds from landing and nesting in some specific areas. Pest control companies provide a bird net of different sizes for installation and purchase, which is comparatively affordable.

Sound gadgets: This method is useful countryside areas, but for some reasons, urban people might get benefit from it. Some of these devices that are used to control bird’s population are propane cannons, predator mimicking, and whistling or pyrotechnic pistols.

Visual panic devices: Some birds can be controlled efficiently by devices like streamers, scare-eye balloons, flash tape, hawk silhouettes and stuffed owls. These devices are cheap and can be used easily but must be rotated constantly.

Trapping: However bird trapping is a good method but it is expensive. This method can really useful in urban areas, and can be effective in controlling pigeon population. Often, traps are set in feeding and roosting sectors.

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